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Today I read a blog post at the American Conservative about the value of roadtrips and stopping at in-between spots (not just going to your destination), which GPS supposedly encourages us to do. I beg to differ; GPS's used badly do this, but they can also encourage just the kind of exploring Ms. Olmstead likes.

So, my thoughts on that. Comments welcome there or here, as you prefer.

There and Back Again?

I will say, it still feels like my command of language is at about the third grade level (I saw a duck, and its feathers were wet but he was really nice and then we went over the bridge...). Thinking may be ever-so-slightly muddled. But I like to think the basic thoughts are there. Plus I got to go on at some length about Tolkien and why Bilbo is not the best model for people wanting more than a there-and-back trip. I also included a video I found on YouTube, where Frodo recites the "Road Goes Ever On" poem (quoted by Olmstead) from the BBC radio drama. So even if you're just looking for Tolkien goodness and care little for Deep Thoughts (TM), there's that as well.
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