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I'm in one of those rare moods where I actually want to say something nice about FedEx, of all things. But they finally, finally got my computer back to me. It was a hassle this go-around because apparently the doorbell outside my apartment has Angela's name, not mine. I could point out that not only does it also have the apartment number but they also required (but never called) my phone number. But the good thing: they said they would try one last time but it would be tomorrow rather than today because the truck had already left the rebel base central dispatch point. And they got it to me today.

All of which means my baby is back home. The sheer emotional attachment I have to this piece of plastic is really a bit ridiculous. Also-also means that I am mildly amused by FedEx's foibles rather than peeved. Also also-also, I am not loopy and contented rather than loopy and stressed from the strep.

And even the strep is really okay because now I have a sound card so I can finally sit down to watch Winter Soldier tonight. First I must clean so I can go get groceries (those are connected because I'm on a fifth-floor walk up, sans garbage chute and I have respiratory sickness so gathering up the stuff to throw out before I go down actually makes a lot of sense.

As a bonus, someone over at Tumblr shared a Sherlock-and-Redbeard-as-Russell-and-Dug-from-"Up" picture, which got me thinking about some imagined Up/Sherlock crossovers. Just a bit of silliness. Read them here if that sounds like your things.
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