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We're having a bit of a cloudburst (<-- understatement) and I am officially happy the Kid and the Mum and I got our holiday celebrations in early. I plan to commandeer my neighbor's laptop and finally do my patriotic duty by watching Winter Soldier and possibly get caught up on the Daily Show, because that's apparently the flavor my brand of patriotism comes in these days. I'm crossing fingers that the rain holds, because PTSD and fireworks really don't mix well and, much as I hate to rain on everyone's parade, my nerves are a bit shot. I could use the local festivities being rained out this year.

But the rain. The rain is really pretty intense. It's a combintion of a slightly off-and-on omni-soppiness, shot through with twenty-minute periods where it's like God turned on the fawcetts upstairs full blast, like he's trying to flush some sort of heavenly cockroach down the drain and got a bit weirded out by it and it must go away right nao kthxbai. If I may be allowed to mix a metaphor. But you get the idea. And it's been going on for two solid days, with the full-blast faucet thing every hour or two.

It's lovely to listen to, but much less lovely to get stuck out in. Finally got down to pick up Rx refills and laundry from the fluff-and-fold, and soda and a sandwich from the corner bodega. I'd called down to have the sandwich ready, but the man at the counter forgot to give it to the man making the sandwiches and it meant I got caught by one of those cloud-bursts. Because I am a doof, I still managed to forget my umbrella at home, and when the guy at the corner (the owner) saw the weather, he gave me my sandwich for free. I'm a regular and I think he likes to keep me happy as I spend about $10 there every 2-3 days and am generally nice to him. So I got dinner, chocolate, and enough soda to last me at least through the weekend for about $5. Just having it be an unexpected pleasure is really quite nice. And as I was going straight home, getting drenched wasn't so bad - I got to strip down to my undies and dry in front of the AC while I listened to Benny Goodman and pretended I'd had an adventure of sorts.

Yes, I am an odd one.

Now I finally have ideas on how to make the latest story idea a bit less not-good, so I'm going to work on that. But as this post was originally inspired by rain, and as "Twosies Twosies" has been increasingly unsettling (the rain song of my childhood about Noah's Ark - look it up if you've got a stomach for genocide in cute children's songs), have a taste of the other song that matches the mood this weather brings on: "The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down," from Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

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