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Hobby Lobby thoughts

The gang over at Facebook got me talking about the recent "Hobby Lobby" case, and I promised an explanation of why I disagreed with the decision. Not necessarily as a lawyer; I'm not one, though I play one on TV hang around quite a few and try to listen to what they say. Still, this is less about what the law allows and more about how I think things should be from an ethical or philosophical basis.

And, me being me, it quickly grew out of hand. Just why I can't pound out 4,000 words of fic in a night, I'm not sure. But for the interested, have this ex-philosopher's thoughts on the issues in that court case. I'm trying to keep this blog more personal + fannish but feel free to comment here or there, whichever is more convenient.



Jul. 3rd, 2014 09:31 pm (UTC)
Playing Devil's Advocate for a moment, I think that people in favor of Hobby Lobby et al would point out that they aren't saying those employees don't have a right to birth control; what they are denying is that they, the insurance-providers, have an obligation to fund it.

And I do, bizarrely, have some sympathy with how it might feel to directly be funding something which you actively believe is harmful. Which goes right back to why healthcare for employees shouldn't be the direct financial responsibility of employers but should be universally funded through taxation. Let's face it, we all pay for things via taxation that we'd rather not (I imagine plenty of American taxpayers would rather not be funding military adventurism in Afghanistan and Iraq, for starters...) but there's a distance to it because we don't actually have the choice to opt out.

The point about the rugged pioneer mentality is I think probably the UK cliche assumption about Americans - so it's interesting to have it confirmed! I think over here that mindset tends to be associated with Mrs Thatcher's famous "there is no such thing as society" quote, which is still perceived as an excuse for appalling social division, inequality and callous I'm-all-right-Jackism - we do still have a notion of society as a whole, just about...



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