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Fox News Poll: Do 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests Represent Your Views of the Economy?

This is pretty interesting. As of right now, 67.22% actually side with Occupy Wall Street. 29.36% are against them, and 2.61% say they don't know what this group wants.

What most caught my attention was how few of Fox viewers think they don't understand enough about what this group wants. The occupy Wall Street crowd is incredibly amorphous, and I read some news article (I think on, though I'm not 100% sure working through an informal list of demands by the protesters, up on one of many sites getting their message out. It was a major task to work up an agenda. Certainly the news media seems at a loss to characterize these guys. Perhaps they could ask one of the 169,000+ people who thinks they have a handle on it?

This suggests to me that Fox viewers and other people who are linked into this crowd aren't too keen on uncertainty and are likely to stake a position one way or the other, before all the facts are in. From what little I do know about the demands, many of them are pretty liberal. I find it hard to believe Fox viewers would be all for things like free college tuition for all, 100% debt forgiveness, and a call for a ballot-checking system that seems a direct swipe at the 2000 legacy.


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