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Today was a tolerable day, actually verging on good.

I was up late last night working on the Holmestice fanfic. Somehow I ended up with fewer words than before errands, but they're much better words, I think. I've also found a beta though I may still need a Brit-checker, and I was describing the set-up to her and was quite impressed by how well I'd worked out what was going on there, or what I hope to have going on by the end of it - what the conflict is, what the various characters' motivations are, etc. So I had a bit of a late start today.

On top of which, I received a drawing I'd commissioned from Shoot Bad Cabbies and I love it. A certain someone in the Sherlock fandom has a birthday coming up in the next few days, and as it happens to involve some of her favorite characters, I've decided to save it as a special treat. I'll be sharing it here on Saturday.

I've also finally decided to to and see the new X-Men movie. It's a Thursday, which means cheap(ish) tickets, I'm worn out but not bone-tired, I'm in Manhattan within walking distance of the old-timey cinema - red velvet, mosaic art on the wall, poofy chairs in a proper lobby.

In RL, I went to a third interview for the AmeriCorps position. I felt a little off because I was up later than usual. But I broke in my new shoes (basically, but not quite, like this; I also bought a pair of black velcro trainers). It was cool enough that I was able to wear a favorite lightweight sweater, and I got there early enough to read some of my fanfic on my cell phone in a public courtyard. I also bought honey from the farmers' market before, and a chrysanthemum to put through a buttonhole just because I wanted the smell of it after from the same market. The interview itself went reasonably well, I thought, and I left it feeling good. I was a little slow because of the sleep thing, but not horribly and I stayed a bit cheerful throughout. I think she liked me reasonably well. Only time will tell, of course.

Now I'm off to do more work on Holmestice, and then go to X-Men in a few hours. :-)
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