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New Sherlock Holmes Fic: The Adventure of the Dancing Man

The acd_holmesfest reveals are up. You can find both of them through that link, but I also wanted to get them up at AO3. As I am a perfectionist that means re-reading, light re-editing, etc. I've now done that with the first of those fics:


Title: The Adventure of the Dancing Man
Recipient: lightinastorm
Author: marta_bee
Rating: PG (being very cautious here, for violence and past [canonical] character-death)
Character(s): Holmes, Watson, and a host of OCs
Warnings: none applicable
Length: 5,077 + Notes

Summary: When the Countess Howard's family heirlooms are stolen, Holmes must take on a rather unusual disguise to recover them. An original casefic written in the style of Doyle's stories with perhaps a bit more character study than actual plot.
Disclaimer: Holmes and Watson, many of the references here, and even the title are Doyle's. Other bits are taken from the Sherlock BBC series, and from The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

(Read here.)


If you can't tell, this is actually a fusion of BBC Sherlock and the original Sherlock Holmes story. Definitely inspired + consistent with Doyle's Holmes, but I have used some details from the BBC show to develop it and am very much inspired by that show's work with Watson's psychosomatic limp. It's my hope it will be enjoyable by people familiar with either the books or the BBC show.
Tags: my fic, sherlock
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