fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Sherlock meta over at Tumblr on the drug use in HLV

For the interested, I wrote a longish Tumblr post on whether Sherlock's drug use at the beginning of His Last Vow was a drug relapse or something else. I also talked a bit about how the combat stress he faced between Reichenbach and his return in The Empty Hearse might have affected him and be feeding into this situation.

I also know I'm unforgivably behind on answering comments and the like. It's not for lack of purpose, as some hobbits would put it. I'm just beyond busy between end-of-term grading and the job search (which actually is moving forward - this is good busy-ness, and I'll share more details when I can). But just because I'm not replying doesn't mean I'm not reading, and I will get back to people someday. I hope. So if you have thoughts on what I said here, I'm always eager to read what people think.
Tags: meta, sherlock
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