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Whovian thoughts: "Amy's Choice" through "The Lodger"

(This is crossposted from FB, but as most people here aren't there, and I thought some of you might find it interesting...)

Yesterday night I had a bit of a Who marathon: Amy's Choice, the dinosaur episode pair, the van Gogh episode, and finally "The Lodger." This means I'm very nearly to the end of series five: the next episode teaser at the end of "The Lodger" promised the Pandorica was about to open. Looks like more River, so that should be good.

One thing I'm noticing is how poorly my own likes and dislikes align with most Whovians. I'd heard people raving about "Vincent" since I first started watching DW, but it left me a bit cold. It wasn't bad but also not great. I had the same response to "Blink," actually, another fan favorite. "The Lodger," on the other hand? I *loved* it. Craig was perfect, seeing the Doctor showing him up at football, the frustration on needing a bit of space, turning up with sacks of money and everyone trying to work all that out... well, it was just wonderful *fun* all around, and was rounded out delightfully by the fact that this wasn't some malicious alien gobbling up people by the dozens but just a badly malfunctioning computer program not able to accommodate new situations. This is actually one of the things I love so much about Who, the way even the monster under the bed is comprehensible and not such a monster after all.

I've also been really interested in a recurrent theme I've seen in the show: the people the Doctor just isn't able to save. It's a point we keep coming back to, how even major characters can't be made safe, and how sometimes he can barely save anyone at all. I mean (MAJOR

RS...) this is twice now that Rory's died (and I've seen enough fannish discussion to know it won't be the last time), and both times he was utterly incapable of saving her - and while it tore him up inside, I think, he's no longer brooding over it. In "The Time of the Angels" he loses practically everyone, and we end up with a nice scene on the beach. "Vincent" gives us a doctor unable to save Van Gogh from himself in the end, but the Doctor at least is okay with this. Not okay in the sense of not being bothered by it, but okay in the sense of bearing up under it and seeing this is just part of life. His life, in any event.

I think I need a few days before I'm ready to brave the Pandorica, and I want to rewatch "Vincent" to see if I can like it as much s some people evidently do. But I'm really liking Eleven quite a bit. What a loveable, optimistic, awkward little giraffe.
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