fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Quick question:

Some people like to see what I do on other sites than LiveJournal. I try to occasionally do round-up posts but have been too busy and/or worn out to do much of that lately. So I decided to automate a bit of that, tweeting some of the more interesting things I'm reading and pieces I enjoy (fanfic as well as RL journalism) and set up LJ to post those here automatically.

In retrospect, I suspect I should have asked whether people are actually interested in it. Unfortunately I can't see a way to do this any less than one post a day. So is this actually interesting, or would you prefer me to turn the option off? My thought is people would find this interesting, but I did it so people could see what I was reading + looking at that seemed worthy of sharing. If this isn't the kind of things people are interested in I'm more than happy to turn it off again. I'll probably post a round-up when I can, and I'd promise once a week, but given RL lately, I'm honestly not sure how often I'd manage it.

I want to do what's most convenient for other people, though. Any preferences?
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