fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

You know, it's amazing the way things impact you when you're already a bit stressed out.

My computer, two days ago, decided that it didn't want to connect to any websites through the browser, although the network is clearly still there as other programs and other computers on the same WiFi network don't have a problem. We corrected it last night (meaning me and the company's TS agent online by going back to a restore point from earlier that day, but at some point today I restarted the computer and so here we are again. Halfway through that repair session I was disconnected by the TS agent and instead of the new guy looking up our chat log or working out where I am he merely started his own troubleshooting process all over again. It worked, but the way it was so many loops to jump through affected me in a weird way.

It's mainly amusing to me how I'm reacting. I mean, I'm ticked off, very much so, but my response wasn't so much to yell as to go ice-cold. It wasn't so much that the problem desperately needed to be fixed (though it did) - I was more ticked off that it felt like I was being shown disrespect. That I was basically hung up on and that no one apologized or did anything to recognize the fact that that was unacceptable. It was basically my reaction to when a friend or family member started talking on a cell phone before me (which I hate!). And also frustration at the fact that this was happening. I know it's naive, but if I don't actually do something to cause a problem, the fact that it exists really ticks me off. So the fact that dragging out the old backup laptop, dealing with TS being painfully slow, all of that - it wasn't okay and it made me ticked off, but my response was to go ice-cold. Angry, but formal. More than a bit passive-aggressive. And I realized what I was doing, almost to the letter, was our own John Hamisch Watson! If you know the show, you know that John sometimes gets this smile right before he completely loses it, which is a warning sign. And that's precisely what I was doing.

I signed up for a Doyle!Holmes fic exchange, through the acd_holmesfest community. This will be my first non-BBC story, and I'm excited to start thinking about that. They're still looking for volunteers to help participants with beta, Britpicking, Victorian-picking, etc., if anyone's interested in offering a hand. I'm also working on a BBC hurt/comfort fic to fill a request from someone following me over on Tumblr. Involving Sherlock who temporarily joins a dance company as part of a case and gets himself rather badly injured. It's actually quite a fun idea, at last in my head. If nothing else it will give me an excuse to actually use some of that French I had to learn.

I do wish I was around LJ more. I'm struggling a bit with the proper balance, what I want to do here versus Tumblr (which I've finally gotten involved in) versus FaceBook, and I keep thinking LJ is getting squeezed out a bit. Tolkien is getting squeezed out a bit. I'm finally writing again, both meta and fanfic, but it's nothing Middle-earthian. I still do care about what other people are doing and want to read your stories and know about your lives - I just seem to do most of my Sherlock stuff over at Tumblr for some reason (I think because I know more fans of the show over there) and more RL/politics stuff at FB because it's easy to do on the run. And LJ? I don't know. It seems like I just complain all the time! But I'm trying to work out what I want to do with this space besides using it as a way to keep up with all of you (which is a given).

On that note, I figured out how to have tweets show up each day here, which at least gives an idea of things I'm reading that I quite like, Tumblr posts that are substantive/original to me. Not sure if it's of interest or not, and if people think it's annoying I can stop. But I thought it might be interesting. I do like doing roundups of other sites but lately I've been a bit depressed.

Anywho. Enough stream of consciousness for one night. Hope everyone's as well as possible.
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