fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

new BBC Sherlock desktop wallpaper

The lovely carolstime made a BBC Sherlock graphic with various HLV scenes from Sherlock's mindpalace. Meaning, first, that I now have a lovely new desktop to look at on my computer, and second, you guys get a new glimpse of what I'll be seeing when I start up my computer every day. I don't think there are major spoilers for plot developments or anything, but it does include several scenes from HLV.

Because for all my kvetching about HLV lately, there are bits that just fill me full of happiness, or at least emotion that makes me feel so alive. This sequence is one of those, and it's really nice to be able to look at it. You can find the original wallpaper images here.

Speaking of HLV, wellingtongoose has a really nice analysis of what's going on in that scene which I can't really describe without giving away spoilers, but if I say it involves Sherlock, Mary, and Magnussen people who have seen the episode will know what I'm talking about I trust. If you were confused or didn't understand the motivations behind Mary's actions and want to delve a little further, this is one very interesting analysis. [because, yes, even the title would be chock full of spoilers]
Tags: fan art, fic rec, mary morstan, mind palace, sherlock, wallpaper
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