fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

looking for a Sherlock fan-art piece

I'm looking for a very cute fan-art, probably a comic of some kind. In it, young Sherlock is made fun of at school (or maybe just feels all alone) and works out that he is a sociopath - he takes the label on himself because it makes him feel like there are other people out there who are like him. Mycroft starts to correct him but Sherlock is so insistent on the label that Mycroft stops himself, thinking what can it hurt. Years later, John hears Sherlock proudly declares his sociopath status to one of the Scotland Yarders and John takes him aside, assures him that he's different and that's hard but he doesn't have to wear any label other than being Sherlock and that it's okay to be how he is, though not easy. Something like that.

I'd like to have it in my Pinterest collection just because it's a really nice piece of fan-art, and I'd also like to use it in a blog post (with proper credit in both places, of course). But I can't for the life of me find it. Does anyone recognize it, and can you send me a link to where the artist posted it?
Tags: sherlock
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