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The Sign of Three mini-review

So, I saw "The Sign of Three" for the first time tonight without head cold meds in my system. (This whole post is one giant spoiler, so if you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now.) And...

*wibbles some more*

Oh, Sherlock. The mind palace, the Mycroft relationship, the yelling at Mycroft to shut up and driving him out of your field of vision and it resolving onto John's face, the whole conversation with John's CO, drunk deductions, the fact that he is so off his game and making more deductions than he meant to and throwing himself into the wedding details more than he probably should. Pretty much everything with Mrs. Hudson, to say nothing of Mycroft's file and that hat, and...

Dean Thomas. Dean Thomas.

Papa Lestrade and talking quietly the morning after not being his division. Drunk deductions, once more, because they deserve being mentioned twice. Sherlock pulling out those graduated cylinders. The sassy snap. "Hudders."


And [Spoilers for His Last Vow]can we just talk HLV spoilers for a moment? Because those of you that have seen, you know what's coming with Mary's character. I was struck cold in this episode by the way she reacts to Sherlock solving the case. How she was almost desperate in her insistence that we solved the mystery so now you do your part of the deal - it's almost like she's made such a bargain in the past.

This is my way of saying I'm not 100% sure Mary's as evil as she seems. Even with all the assassinations - I can see a more complicated story emerging in series four. I'm not sure I trust Moffat to tell it well at this point, but fandom, get on that.

Right, I was planning to finally do a critical review of TSOT. I'm not blind to the absolutely ludicrously implausible murder, or the over-sweetness of it all, and I think I would have liked it loads better if it didn't come on the heels of the equally indulgent The Empty Hearse. But really, on rewatching it, I was moved beyond anything I would have expected from such a fluffy piece. Moved to smiles and laughter, but mostly to tears because of the ending. Also [more spoilers for HLV]wanting to hit John on the head with a cricket bat. I mean, you tell him nothing's going to change, you go away on your sex holiday honeymoon, you don't see him for a month, and you're actually surprise he turns up in a drug den? (Also, what does it say about me that I'm entirely too attracted to high!Sherlock, just as I was to drunk!Sherlock and locked-up-in-chains-by-the-terrorists!Sherlock? I suspect a drunk Sherlock would be a handful and a half, but in the abstract he just looks like so much fun.

So instead of going for deep, I'm just going to leave you with pretty pictures. Enjoy.

[by sherlockspeare @ Tumblr]

And, not because it's TSOT-related, but just because they're so much fun together:

And finally, because this is as good an excuse to share Cumberbatch in a tuxedo as any...

And finally, two other things:

--- I have a fanfic story inspired by Sherlock's comment at the end about teaching John how to dance, here.

--- If you haven't seen it yet, do check out John Watson's blog for a post written by Sherlock about John's special day. The comments are, in the best Sherlockian tradition, to die for. (Don't worry. John's back from his honeymoon so he can save your life.

Did anyone else see the episode? Thoughts? Positive/negative/mehness welcome.
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