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we're all stories in the end

YouTube is apparently not good for my time management. This is hardly a new revelation, of course, and is it is good for a fannish laugh, I neer seem to quite be able to give it up. Case in point: this video.

Some clever, clever boy put together clips from all the Doctor Who episodes along with the spin-offs. I get why so many of you like Four. I also get bits from the Day of the Doctor and other episodes that were lost on me, like the reverse the polarity of the neutron flow bit. But, as wonderful as it is seeing them all together, I think the main thing I took away from this compilation is how little of the universe I've consumed. It seems like I've seen so much and it really is so wonderful, it's hard to keep that in mind.

This is not a bad thing. It is a bit overwhelming. It also has me eager to really get into Classic Who. As different as it is (I have been warned), it also looks like quite a lot of fun in its own way. But mainly it has me loving just where I am, because it's a part of such a wonderfully awesome world.
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