fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

in which Sherlock falls many times more

Someone over at Reddit made a cut-out, a photo of just Sherlock falling from the St. Bart's roof with no background or anything. Other Reddit users then photoshopped him into various scenarios. Sherlock diving for a fly ball. Sherlock river-dancing. This is the funniest, most bizarre thing I've seen in a while. Do check it out if you've got a bit of time to waste.

Also (and spoilers for both "The Empty Hearse" and the Sherlock DVD extra "The Fall", I guess), apparently some cast members said the third version of how Sherlock survived was the real one. I had worked out an elaborate argument for just why this idea was so wrong, why that method simply wouldn't work, before I realized I was being an Anderson. And not the good, keeping-Sherlock-alive-through-raw-faith kind we saw in the Christmas minisode but the don't-talk-out-loud-you-lower-the-IQ-of-the-whole-street, slightly overobsessive Anderson.

But it bothered me enough to work out why that couldn't possibly be right. Luckily according to discussions I've seen, other cast members emphasized Sherlock was "possibly" lying to Anderson.

All of which goes to prove, those guys know how to keep an audience interested over two years of hiatus, even after the slightly disappointing last series.
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