fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

new Sherlock icon, new Sherlock transcript

I found and uploaded a new Sherlock avatar. I quite like it. Someone (alexcat perhaps?) was looking for some icons, so if you still are, I took this one from this post.

In much more noteworthy news, arianedevere has completed posting of her transcripts of the BBC Sherlock series three episodes. Find them here. Having been on the team that helped proof them, I can only say I am beyond amazed at the amount of time, work, and passion that goes into these. The discussions that happen behind the scenes as we worked out what a certain character was likely saying at a certain period in time, to say nothing of Ariane's time spent on this project - she deserves a nice long shower and bland Sherlock fantasy (audio warning) (and also warning for being not-entirely-bland) of her choice. I salute you!
Tags: sherlock
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