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fannish share of the day: in which a good man goes to war

Back before the Sherlock series finale aired, I shared this Doctor Who fanart over at Pinterest, of the verse "When a good man goes to war." I haven't seen the episode it's taken from yet so I don't know the DW context, but it's always struck me as achingly beautiful. As series three progressed, it also seemed achingly appropriate to what Sherlock was going through in this series, and I still believe it is. But it's nice on its own, and in my opinion this image is a really nice piece of fanart. Original words by Team Moffat, art by Tumblr user calypsocoin.

On a slightly more upbeat note, albeit one deserving a language warning:

We brought down Tumblr. Twitter could handle the Arab Spring, but Tumblr couldn't ride out the Sherlock finale. That makes me feel simultaneously proud and entirely too shallow.


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Recent FaceBook bits and bobs:

Huh. Apparently I can write parsable CSS code powered purely by caffeine, dubstep, and Sherlock high (no, not *that* Sherlock high). Who knew?


I had a Sherlock thought. So


The only thing more evil than Rupert Murdoch wearing Google glasses ... is the realization that the Sherlock version of Rupert Murdoch doesn't have to. Because just... damn.

Right, normal fan status may have been an optimistic goal for this week.


Admitting this makes me feel more than a bit of sacrilegious, but the passion I was always told I should feel for evangelism? That excitement and drive and sheer joy I should get out of sharing my faith with other people? I get that emotional high now, but it's mostly over introducing friends to a favorite book or TV show.

Which isn't so sacrilegious when you consider that, for a narrative person like myself, sharing my passion for Tolkien and fanfic and Sherlock and Star Trek and many other things is probably how I share the kernel of what I find so appealing about my particular religion. Along with what I find beautiful and glorious and generally worth striving after about life in general, within or without a particular faith tradition: the story I find myself drawn to is a glimpse into, among other things, what I would call the mind of God. Plus, Tolkien could honestly turn a better phrase than Moses some days.


Mischief managed on first class meeting. We got into a rousing debate on the ethics of using torrents to download video not yet available through legal means, and if the letters BBC appeared anywhere in that conversation, it wasn't in that order and certainly not initiated by me. (The context was people downloading movies after they left the local theater but before they hit DVD.) And of course we went over the syllabus and so on.

I realized after leaving to teach that my joking around about too little sleep might give the impression that I'm walking around brain-dead. But honestly, as someone coping with trauma-induced nightmares, I've gone longer with less sleep and far less pleasing visuals. I also actually am professional enough that when I set foot in the classroom, I focus on the task at hand rather than things 221B-themed. I play online so I can muster some semblance of adulthood offline. At least when it's necessary. You guys just happen to see me at play today on a day when my id is on a sugar high. I've learned to channel those high spirits into other passions just like I've learned to channel my other moods.


Listening to my "Day of the Doctor" mix to get psyched up to meet the new classes. My last set of classes - that thought has *me* going all wibbly, but "The Sun's Gone Wibbly" is helpful.

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