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slightly more in depth "His Last Vow" reaction

... crossposted from FB, and behind a cut for the sake of spoilers.

On a much more spoilerish Sherlock note:


1) Sherlock - I love love LOVED the mind-palace approach to healing he took. Seeing his interactions with Mycroft from the perspective of a scared, vulnerable children was pure gold. I also loved the parallel between him and the ringbearer from TSOT. And then there's the way he sees his mission, the way he uses his self-avowed sociopath label as a way to stand up for the vulnerable, people like he was in that mind palace scene. Heroes don't exist, indeed.

Those sniper-target lights. A bit obvious, but the parallel reduced me to tears.

2) Mary - My goodness, what can I even say about Mary? Someone said in a recent status that if you modernized the Holmes stories you could do pretty much anything you wanted with them, and if there was one plot arc that proves it, this is it. If I was expecting a faithful adaptation of Holmes to the modern age, I'd be livid. As I am imagining a creative but liberal re-*imagining* of the Holmes stories, I am much less bothered. I still don't think we know the half of her story and would dearly like to learn a little more.

But short version: she isn't Doyle's Mary, which is good because that means she's alive. She's dark enough and dynamic enough to *easily* fit in to the 221B team, if her past doesn't prove too much of a liability. And Team Moffatt may have just given us a strong, unconventional female character to rival River Song. (Who I've only met in the library two-episode sequence so really shouldn't try to speak on too authoritatively, but Mary: little old wife she ain't.)

3) John - Oh, dear John. What can I say? Sherlock's truthfulness with him, his grappling with his danger addiction and just what that means for who he is, he seems so much more like the John of Doyle cannon, or the Downey/Law movies. I can see him gambling away his pension entirely too easily, or at least being the kind of person who would do that. And yet he's still the moral center of the trio, which is probably saying something. And I have a feeling that Sherlock's words about being worthy of Mary's and Sherlock's love may be about to become prophetic.

4) Mycroft - I love Mycroft. I love inventing schemes for Mycroft. So there's a part of me that wonders, deep down, just how in on things Mycroft was, from the stealing of the laptop to getting his brother sprung from prison and exiled, just to be brought back to London in what amounts to a full pardon. I wouldn't put it past Mycroft to have arranged the whole thing as a way to put Sherlock in a kind of undercover role in London, where he'd be more likely to do the most good, in which case the whole Moriarty thing might be a hoax put on by the government, to get Sherlock ensconced back in 221B.

5) Moriarty - Richard Brook is dead. He has to be. (Right?) There's simply no way you survive that kind of a gunshot wound to the head. Aside from my Mycroft theory (which really is more wishful thinking than real theorizing), I can see the real possibility that Richard Brook was never the real Moriarty, in which case someone else has been laying low and didn't want Sherlock out of London so used Richard Brook's image to bring him back; or that perhaps some member of Moriarty's crew survived and is trying to step into his former boss's shoes.

Which would make series three one big interlude before we get back to the real struggle. Could we really be that lucky? Back to more casefic and going back against Moriarty or a Moriarty-style villain, back to midnight chases with Mary along for the ride, perhaps with the happy couple and Baby Watson moved into 221B or at least a regular fixture thereof? Because as much as I loved the wedding and the crackish fun that was The Empty Hearse... pretty please?

Right, class starts tomorrow so I should probably go to bed. If I can turn off my brain.
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