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fannish share of the day: Sherlock day

Somehow I got out of the habit of sharing my daily fannish share over here as well as at FaceBook. So have a bit of spoiler-free Sherlock. This one falls firmly in the category of "original creator lost due to the way things get passed around on the internet." I really wish I could work out who created it so I could credit them, as it's really very clever. If anyone recognizes it, let me know.


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At some point A. will probably wonder why I pop into the bathroom and turn on the shower for just under a minute. Truth be told, it's the quickest way to fill a two-liter bottle with cold water, and if there's a difference in quality from the kitchen sink I'm yet to taste it. But that just seems odd, even to me.



If I criticize Pew when they ask stupid questions, I should probably praise them when they ask good ones, too. Case in point: what kind of veil do people in various "Middle Eastern" countries think is the appropriate form of veil women should wear?

If you can get past the Middle East label (which is inaccurate IMO), and if you keep in mind they only polled specific countries, skipping over ones in the region I think of as more conservative (like Jordan and Syria, and of course Afghanistan) so you can't put too much stock in the aggregates), it's a very interesting topic for a survey. The biggest takeaway message for me, two messages actually, were:

1 - There's a wide variety of Islamic veils, with a big difference between them on how well you can recognize them as individuals. I've seen a lot of teenage girls wearing something akin to (4), and it can be quite stylish and modest at the same time.

2 - There's also a lot of difference between how different countries in the region relate to this issue. There's not one "Middle Eastern" let alone "Muslim" standard on this issue, apparently.

Put more simply: reality is inevitably messier than our stereotypes. Big surprise, that. Still worth noting. Personally, I'm most worried between the correlation between "acceptable" dress and "common" dress, since a lot of the countries say the most acceptable kind of veil is also the one most commonly worn in their country. I think it would have been more useful to put the question in the negative: give me the point where veils to the right of here are *un*acceptable to wear in public. If you asked me what was the most acceptable bottoms for women to wear at my college I'd probably say trousers or good-fitting jeans but not baggy pants. Doesn't mean I'd necessarily think a student wearing the latter was doing something morally bad, it's just not what I'd typically expect.


Apparently my burrough's murder rate is down by 27.4%, and our rape rate was very nearly decimated. Not nearly as impressive factually but still a cool word.

Two cheers for the NYPD. You guys get the third when you do the same with less stopping and frisking. I know you guys have it in you because you're just awesome like that.



A very nice list, at least based on the half I've seen. The only real addition I have would be Little Women. The Wynona Rider adaptation was "my" version growing up (so guaranteed soft spot), but the 1940s version with Elizabeth Taylor as Amy was lovely as well. What would you add or skip?


That's enough for today. Enjoy your day, and particularly if you're watching "His Last Vow," good luck weathering the Moffat storm. Shock blankets are in the closet, so help yourself.
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