fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Fanvid Rec: We Can't Stop

sevenswells has made a really touching fanvid set around "The Sign of Three." Watch it and leave her a comment here.

This can be read as either friendship or slash, I think (more or less unrequited). It also gets at my feelings better than most fan-works I've seen, on why Johnlock is a serious, canon-based interpretation of the BBC canon and not just the result of lusting a little too hard over Benedict Cumberbatch. Even if I didn't see it myself, compilations like this would convince me it deserves to be taken seriously and respected, just like any other fan's read on these characters. As it is, this brought a tear to my eyes. And as I've recently explained, I'm hardly blind to the... bad fanfic tendencies of the current series, TSOT included.
Tags: fic rec
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