fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Sherlock S03E03 speculation

Not mine. I'll just leave these here for people who want to know and don't value their feels.

In other news, snowflake day seven turned into a bit of a snowball. I was inspired by some references at the end of "The Sign of Three" to write what I thought would be five hundred words of fluff. I ended up with 2,400 words of character development and gentle angst. Last night the first draft was 1,500 words but somewhere along the way of giving it another read-through before sending it off to Linda for betaing, it acquired another thousand words that I really quite like.

But, really, this was supposed to be 500 words of fluff. I'd make my muses sit in the corner if they weren't playing nicely for the moment.
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