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Sherlock Rec: Goose by our own rabidsamfan

Tonight I read the most delightful Sherlock story by rabidsamfan. Doyle-verse, but enjoyable if you understand the basics of who Sherlock and John are and the concept of the Baker Street irregulars/Homeless network, which you probably do if you watch the BBC show.


It's set early in Sherlock's and Watson's friendship. Mrs. Hudson is away for the holidays, and both of our boys are having money problems for various reasons meaning they end up "roughing it" a bit with no one to run the household. Various hijinks ensue. Touching, funny mini-adventures (If you can call them that; they're not chasing down Moriarty here) that not only make me smile at that rare blend of domesticity and Holmes-verse, but also gave me a new appreciation for just how hard it was to run a household in the Victorian era. Throw in a dash of street-children worthy of Oliver Twist and you get the idea.

Plus, RSF did her research. Thoroughly, as is documented in the footnotes at the end. I don't know nearly enough about the era to know if she got it correct, but the sheer amount of effort and the links to look into more of the details is just endearing all on its own.

Do check it out if you enjoy reading Holmes fanfic. It's about 8,500 words which is on the longish side for me, but I was surprised to get to the end - it just slipped by that naturally.
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