fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I'm up late putting together the final video clips for case studies this term, and I've decided to use the "Day of the Doctor" to set up a discussion on (who else) Rawls. Which means I'm rewatching the episode, or at least the Zygone parts of it once more.

It's awesome. And so, so random it shouldn't work at all, but it does. I mean: "It was the horse!" and then just the absolute off-the-wall awesomeness of that whole scene, leading up to the "Peace in our time" line. How did that become a triumphant line, given the historical context? How does the disabled dalek just fit so naturally into such a serious scene? How do we go from angst to just zaniness I can only describe as the Doctor's trademark? I mean, the whole jumping on the table and using the sonic screwdrivers to trigger the memory-wiping device thing and the frantic "Cancel the detonation?"

I can't giggle, this is class prep. Fun class prep, but still.

I think it's fair to say I'm a fangirl. Also that Moffat has a style, because without going into specific spoilers, I'm experiencing serious "Empty Hearse" flashbacks. Not in the scenes themselves, but in my reaction. I mean, how the heck can something so thoroughly off-the-wall and implausible be so right?
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