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RL updateage

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1) Mischief managed on the bank snafu. At least for now. I got a new sheet of checks, corrections made to the lovely lady's account the check was pulled from along with a promise of a letter explaining the situation and apologizing to her, a letter for *my* roommate which she can show to her bank and hopefully get her overdraft fee waived, and a lollipop. Because they asked me if they could do anything else for me and I felt a bit self-indulgent.

2) Walking around Manhattan today was actually nice. Central Park, Lincoln Center, the nice old neighborhood over by Sloan-Kettering. Even after just a few weeks away, it feels like I've lost a bit of my connection to the place, and I needed to pound the pavement a bit to get it back in my bones.

3) Did some grocery shopping back in my neighborhood. Produce and dairy, mainly. I have some ground sausage and tortillas in my freezer which I need to use before they go bad, so I'll probably whip that up into some kind of taco/burrito/thing. And as I came in a neighbor gave me a generous slice of cake that looks truly scrumptious: gingerbread layers with cream cheese + ground peppermint filling. It's testing my willpower to set it aside until after I've eaten.

4) Speaking of willpower, I've set a new year's resolution: no soda in the apartment. I'll buy it when I go out, but I'm spending too much money on dentistry to mess around with acid on my teeth.

5) And not strictly RL (not RL at all actually), but here's a video to remind those of us seeing "The Empty Hearse" tomorrow of just why we love BBC Sherlock too much. Nothing on the plot so much, but just why the characters are so awesome.

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