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on Sherlock, Lestrade, and the value of Doubting Thomases

Last night Steven Moffat & Co. shared a seven minute mini-episode of Sherlock, as a kind of Christmas gift for the Sherlock fans. You can watch it here (at least in the US) and I know it’s also available on the BBC Red Box service. I’ve bounced in my seat collectively with other fans, I’ve cried, I’ve rewatched it a few times – and, me being me and Sherlock being Sherlock, I’ve thought Deep Thoughts (TM). Aside from all the lovely moments that fans are rightly excited about, I think there’s a rather profound statement being made about two different kinds of faith. It may be unintentional but I still think it’s worth teasing out.

Obviously, there will be SPOILERS from this point on, both for the minisode and also for “Reichenbach.”

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