fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

fannish response to the Moran Q&A thing

This, right here, is the response to that Sherlock Q&A blow-up that I didn't even know I needed to read.

It's a brief conversation between Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch on the car ride home after the Q&A, with Benedict getting more than a bit embarrassed over what has happened and Martin teasing him about it. This could have turned into another chance to bash slash, but really, it's such a clever take on the whole phenomenon - it's toeing the line between subverting the phenomenon and reveling in it at the same time. Which really shouldn't be possible, or at least should come across as thoroughly muddled, yet here we are...

Rated R for language and (this is me, not the author) for implied sexuality. Kind of. Sort of. If you squint hard enough.

Also: Amanda Abbington's brief role in all this is a shot of pure genius. As fits the actress herself, I think. Couldn't stop smiling!
Tags: fan fic rec, sherlock

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