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daily round-up: Sherlock and Anderson

It’s been close to a month since I’ve actually sat down and watched Sherlock, so this morning I thought I’d watch the unaired version of the pilot. And this show had me at “This is Inspector Lestrade. Please call me when you get this. I think we’re going to need you.”

For the record, that’s 1:42 in. There’s just something about the way that’s handled that so gets at Sherlock’s relationship with the Scotland Yard, the difference between being needed and wanted, the juxtaposition with John Watson waking up from a nightmare all alone and being (to quote Reichenbach) “so alone, and [John] owes you so much.” It’s just really quite wonderful, particularly after a while away.

In that vein, and as my fannish share of the day, enjoy some fannish humor making fun of Anderson.

#1. Star Trek/Sherlock crossover, By Barachiki @ Tumblr:

#2. Sherlock headcanon. I’m not entirely sure why this one amuses me so much:

#3. Signatures of the Sherlock crew, by Taggianto @ Tumblr:


Quote of the day. Not that this will become a regular thing, but I stumbled across this quote from Mark Ruffalo on fanart of Iron Man and the Hulk. And his description really struck me as entirely too right: “I endorse it 100 percent. You know what it is? It’s open-source creativity.”

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Journalism + Blogging I’ve Read This Last Week:

1. Western nations with social safety net happier, by Benjamin Radcliffe
2. Who Needs a Gun?, by Gary Gutting
3. How Did Jameis Winston Evade a Rape Charge?, by Emily Bazelon

Have a good day!

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