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fannish share of the day: Benedict has the moves like Hiddleston

This is Benedict Cumberbatch going through airport security and striking a pose rather than holding his hands out like a normal person.

(Caption from the person I pinned it from: Benedict at airport security.... Normal people just hold their arms horizontally - he strikes a pose!!)

And this is Tom Hiddleston busting a move on South Korean television:

Both are what I've taken to calling adorkable on their own, that combination of cute and cool with awkwardly geeky that so many people drawn to these actors appreciate. But check out Tom's pose at around 1:34. Now imagine Tom teaching Benedict to bust a move at one of their zygoma-polishing slumberparties. Because it could very easily be the same stance. So easily that, to my mind, it is.

That'll do as my fannish share of the day, I think.


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Other recent FB activities:

1. My reaction to seeing Catching Fire again, typed on my cell before my encounter with (I kid you not) Benny, the Sherlock fan I met last night:

So that's what Catching Fire is like without a horde of cackling teenagers. Just... wow.

Panem really improves with age. I barely noticed the things that bothered me last time. The Capitol was much darker without the audience's contrapposto. The morphling's death was wonderfully beautifully tragic. Joanna was even more outstanding. Plutarch no longer seemed sloppily done or un impressive, he was the anti-Capitol. An while I still wanted more show don't tell on its sadism, it's much less a problem when I was utterly, completely swept off my feet.

And now I'm supposed to get up, leave the theater and all that. How exactly does that work again? Because as I said: wow.


Today was a reasonably productive day. I got a half-decent outline and a few paragraphs written on the academic paper I'm working on. Just why I'm working on it is an utter bafflement; it's about Anselm's explanation for why he calls God the Father rather than the Mother, and on his use of feminine metaphors for God and Christ generally, a topic I've researched off and on and always wanted to write on.

At this point I have enough ideas percolating in my head that I really want to work them out into something different, just because that seems like what I'm supposed to do with my ideas. There's no professional benefit at this point, and I doubt academic journals would consider a manuscript from ex-graduate students in any event. But it simply seems like what I do: what I've been trained to do and, in a certain sense, what my character drives me to *want* to do even before I had that training. There's a part of my brain protesting that this is good habit carrying me beyond its usefulness. But it simply seems like a worthwhile task left undone that needs doing, if I don't work out what these ideas add up to. Also, it feels so good to be working on a scholarly project again. I'd forgotten how refreshing and meaningful that feels sometimes.

Also graded two papers, dealt with various end-of-term mini-crises, printed out exams, etc. Lecture notes (such as they are, it's a short introduction to the exam review and then student questions) are polished as well. So I do think my brain is ready to go kaput on me. I'm not quite ready to go home, though, so I think I'm going to catch that movie after all.


John Green, as usual, is brilliant - this time on some of the reasons American health care costs are so high. Also on why "It's complicated" (with elaborations on the actual complications) is quite often a better answer to these kinds of questions than the binary oversimplified answers we usually get. Worth a listen. (h/t Ellen Haroutunian)


just_ann_now shared this link, and it's a lot of fun for Sherlock fans:

The 30 Pictures from Sherlock You've Waited Nearly Two Years to See


So far this week, the Sherlock fandom has gotten news of a Christmas special and thirty new pictures, many of them from actual scenes. Yes, it's nice not feeling like the underappreciated stepchild of the Moffat family. But now we have actual ... content. I'm honestly not sure what we're supposed to do with that. I mean, we're the folks that named Watson's moustache. This is a bit weird.


Not a bad day, all things considered. I got a clean bill of health from the infirmary (congestion really is just bad, persistent allergies), so I picked up some Claritin and hopped a bus to the water for a nice long walk. Now I'm at my school's Manhattan campus to get work done (does scholarly essays I'd researched but never written count as work or indulgence at this point? I need it in any case), and if the non-headache ness holds and I get the grading finished, perhaps a return trip to Panem. A girl can dream, at least.


Winter fog over the water between Manhattan and the Bronx is breathtakingly beautiful. Almost enough to turn this curmudgeon into a flat-out romantic.
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