fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Doctor Who music

I have discovered something rather remarkable: "I Am the Doctor."

My Doctor Who theme will always be the doo-wee-ooh of Nine and Ten (and I assume the Old School Who as well?), but what makes this such a nice song, aside from the epic awesomeness that puts a spring in your step and makes you think you can take on the daleks in your life in a way the doo-wee-ooh just doesn't... is it's thoroughly orchestral. Meaning I can work out how to adapt it to piano, maybe jazz it up or put my own special spin on it. I even found sheet music of the basic theme online to give me a starting point.

I doubt it will sound exactly like this because every musician puts her own spin on it, but here's a lovely piano rendition. Also a nice fan video with scenes from the show worked in, so it probably has spoilers I'm not even aware of. I have barely begun to know Eleven, but these scenes leave me genuinely sad he has to leave us so soon - and excited for the day I've seen enough of the show to really watch him properly. For an awkward baby giraffe, Matt Smith certainly is an inspiring one. Although I must say, the sight of Rory dressed as a Roman is bizarre even by Whovian standards. Geronimo!

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