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done dids for 28-Jan

I stayed up too late last night writing fanfic. I think it's good, and I'm not sorry I did it. What is it Mr. Jackson said, "Pain is temporary but film is forever."? The same principle applies. But it meant my day didn't start until late, even for me.

Still, I woke up relatively rested. Read half of a Cambridge Companion chapter on Anselm's theological approach, which I'll finish tonight, and this one *is* making sense. I think. Law of large numbers means some have to, eventually! It's actually pretty interesting.

I taught on Locke's primary and secondary qualities today. I am jumping around a lot, but basically looking at whether we can trust our senses as a kind of warm-up for Descartes. Next week we do a bit on Hume's aesthetics and the a priori/a posteriori, then it's on to philosophy of mind stuff. I love aesthetics, and it will be interesting to see what my class makes of it as the topic already came up when we were discussing Plato. (Not his aesthetics, just the Forms.)

The rest of my day was pretty nondescript. My weekly hour on the couch, then I swung by the hospital to let them know I needed a break from volunteering and to say good-bye to some of "my" kids. After that I needed a bit of a spirit-lifter so I went and saw a movie - the Fighter. It would have been worth the admission just to see Mark Wahlberg with his shirt off for half he flick. *yum* Amy Adams was good, too, and they had this sort of cinema verite, almost anti-narrative thing going on - it felt very gritty, almost like the early Law and Order episodes before that show got all glammed up. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for most movie-goers -- movies are so expensive these days, and I had a reduced-price ticket -- but definitely worth a Netflix rental when it comes out. If you can stomach the language. The family it really similar to what we call Rednecks where I grew up, only without the shame. :-) For all that, it is a good movie.

I didn't do so well on the food front. I'm getting pretty good at eating when I make the time to sit down and do a proper meal, but eating on the run is hard. I may try to push my therapy back so I can bring lunch and eat it sitting down or something, but I dunno how much give there is in my psych's schedule. I had chicken tenders bought from a fast-food restaurant, to which I added grape tomatoes and a honey-wheat roll I picked up at a bakery. But I did buy some Chinese vegetables while I was in Manhattan, so I'll make some good stir fry tomorrow. Or curry. Curry would be great in this weather, and I have some ground turkey I need to use up anyway.
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