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fannish share of the day: Sherlock fan-trailer

Today is December 1st, meaning it's exactly one month before lucky UK viewers get to see Sherlock series three. He's really and truly coming home. Perhaps it's time for a trailer of the first two series, to remember why we love this show so much.

On second thought, let's not go there; it's a silly place.


I've started using FaceBook to post what I'm getting onto with my day, RL stuff mostly along with thoughts I'm just starting to toy with. Thought those might be interesting, so I'll start including them along with my fannish share of the day:

30-Nov, 18:08

"I've picked up a bad round of head congestion. Don't feel at all sick, but in an effort to hold on to my voice (just one more week in the semester, I really can't afford to lose my ability to talk now) I'm on OTC decongestants and drinking lots of water. The former has me feeling a bit loopy.

So. I was going to blog, and then finish off the latest typhoon fanfi story. (Bilbo and Glorfindel, post-The Hobbit) But my brain has apparently decided it's now nap time. At least I got two more papers graded this afternoon, and did a few errands in the neighborhood. That's not nothing."

29-Nov, 19:23

"Despite living in New York, I don't go to live plays that much. It's simply too expensive for a student budget. But I do tend to pick out a play each semester that I really want to see and make an event out of it. This fall, it's "Waiting for Godot" with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, this Friday. Lest you think this is mere fannish indulgence (which would be enough justification on its own, really), Sir Stewart is a *treat* on the stage. An actor of the finest caliber, and given his recent activism against DV, he's an artist I really want to support whatever way I can.

Then I forgot that the kid and I have tickets to the Rockettes on Tuesday. As in... four days from now, and three before Godot. Talk about spectacular spectacular. One of those tickets I've been saving up for since September and the other is a gift from the kid's mum to the two of us, so it only seems like I'm living high on the hog this week. Still, it's a nice feeling."

29-Nov, 15:59

"i do believe it's finally cold enough for me to break out my wool tunics. I love them for the comfortable fuzziness but I get so warm so easily, it has to be a rare day when I break them out. Three cheers for winter."


And things I've been reading lately:


1. The Mourning Woman by M_Leigh (Sherlock BBC; Molly, about her role post-Reichenbach)
2. Vultures and Other Incredible Birds by MercuryandMoonlight (House M.D.; House/Wilson but non-explicit, in which House has a surprise Thanksgiving dinner with friends)
3. Equal and Opposite by methylviolet10b (Sherlock BBC; Sherlock sees John for the first time as a highly competent trauma doctor)


1. The speech that defined and challened us, by Leonard Pitts
2. Conspiracy Theorists Aren't Really Skeptics, by William Saletan
3. The Economics of the Hunger Games, by Matthew Yglesias
4. The Real Woman? Why Molly Hooper is the One Who Counts, by Miss Transmission

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