fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

fannish share of the day - Guess Who, SuperWhoLock edition; JRRT biopic

Someone, somewhere came up with the idea for a version of Guess Who involving the Supernatural/Doctor Who/Sherlock family of fandoms. It really tickles me how awful I'd be at this game, because I just don't know enough canon. Also, how much fun it would be to laugh over it with fellow nerds. It reminds me of the times I played Risk with philosopher grad students. There are some games you haven't really enjoyed until you've played them with fellow nerds.

On a completed unrelated note, there's a JRRT biopic in the works. On the one hand, it looks like the script is being done by a Tolkien fan rather than some studio, which could be quite interesting. And more JRRT is always exciting. On the other, looking at the "origins" of Middle-earth is dangerous territory and will be difficult to do well, owing to Tolkien's famous comments denying his writings were allegorical. Tolkien fans can be pretty fiercely protective of our right to interpret the Middle-earth books on our own terms, some (like me) treating it as a history of actual events that can reflect bias and misinterpretation.

Anywho, it looks like an interesting project. I'd be interested to know what others think of it.,0,6989541.story#axzz2lgPU6Vqa
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