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Week of the Doctor

Over at FB, I'd gotten in the habit of limiting myself to one shared picture or meme or whatever a day, or at least collecting up whatever I wanted to share into a single post. Most of it was BBC Sherlock, this being me, but in honor of the Day of the Doctor coming up I got on a bit of a Doctor Who kick. I thought some of you might enjoy them.

=== On Monday ===

There's, what, a week left until the Day of the Doctor special? That calls for some Doctor Who fun. My fannish share of the day; artist unknown.

=== On Tuesday ===

Continuing the Doctor Who theme and as my fannish share of the day, here's 25 reasons why Steven Moffat is the biggest troll in television. For those of you not familiar with him, he's one of the co-creators of Sherlock, the main writer of Doctor Who, and has a heart at least two sizes too small. Slayer of worlds and fangirl hearts. Hating Moffat (in a joking kind of way of course) is part of what Whovians and Sherlockians do.

And, really, he kind of likes it. Or at least he lives it up.

=== On Wednesday ===

Continuing on with my Week of the Doctor...

This scene from the second "Martha" episode (where she and the Doctor travel back in time to see a Shakespeare play in its original run) was always one of my favorites. But there's something about Martha here - her trying to wrap her head around the science, which only confuses the Doctor. What'd the butterflies ever do to you, indeed!

On a different track, someone decided this day of the week is properly Watson Wednesday, when we share photos of everyone's favorite army doctor. So I promised Elizabeth a bonus picture with him.

And, because I couldn't quite choose, have some Setlock, Hobbit edition. Benedict comes and visit Martin on his last day of filming.

And finally, because (a) this is supposed to be about Doctor Who rather than the Baker Street boys and (b) who wouldn't love David Tennant with a kitten:

Enjoy your day.

==== On Thursday ===

Prefacing my day with Doctor Who catchphrases hasn't exactly worked out optimally so far. Fighting with insurance, lost belongings, and the like. On the plus side, I have survived. So let's try this once more, with one more catch-phrase: "Fantastic." Because, you know, hope dies last. If today goes massively wrong I won't risk a fourth attempt on Jeremy's big day.

Speaking of, how about some Whovian philosophy? Those deep quotes, those nuggets of wisdom and cheer, that can't help but make you smile and leave you feeling a tad more enlightened and centered? Or at least smiling? (How the heck does a TV show manage this? And where can we get more?) Here's some of my favorite Doctor Who lines, as today's installment for the Week of the Doctor.

via omglookthetardis @ Tumblr

t-shirt design via

via silvernocks @ DeviantArt

and, from an unknown source"

And one more - not wise perhaps, but really gets at the word-play and fun that has this show firmly wedged in my heart.

=== on Friday ===

Week of the Doctor time. Here are some moments of Ten and Eleven just being... silly. You can't help smiling at the stuff, or at least I can't.

==== tomorrow ===

... which is now today. Tomorrow I will be posting a collection of memes about the Doctor Who fandom - both the ways they poke fun at themselves and the way Mr. Moffat tortures has fun with them. Probably not all of these, but here's the short list.

Enjoy your day.
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