fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

I've begun reading A.C. Grayling's new book Friendship. It's a discussion of different philosophers' takes on what friendship is, whether it's a kind of love or something else entirely and other questions. The first six chapters focus on different philosophical accounts of friendship, and then he talks about great friendships in classical literature and finishes with a few chapters on his own experience and philosophizing about friendship.

So far, the bit I've read is decent. Easy to read, poses interesting questions, etc. I'm not sure I agree with his interpretations in all places, but he's covering a lot of ground in a fairly short book, and doing it for both philosophers and non-academics who like to think about these topics at the same time.

He only talks about classical literature, apparently, but it would be an interesting way to look at fannish friendships (meaning the characters, not ours) and maybe the friendship fic -vs- slash issue a bit. I'm tempted to blog about it. Is there anyone who'd be interested in reading what different philosophers think friendship is all about and how that's reflected in characters from Tolkien, Sherlock, House, and the like?
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