fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

Today was an icky day, culminating in calling EMTs to the house and a trip to some hospital. I'm sure I was told which at some point but I can't remember. Going in with the EMTs makes all the difference, as I wasn't stuck in admitting hell. They pushed fluids, ran bloodwork + urine, and I was examined by a Dr. Gupta (no not that one). Looks like gastroenteritis. Highly unpleasant, but also not dangerous longterm as long as I stay hydrated.

If I was at all interested in writing fic inspired by RL rather than fanfic, I would have a dozen vignettes. The homeless, obviously mentally ill man who made vaguely sexual overtures to me. The old woman swaddled in blankets who I thought was dead until I saw her breathing shallowly. The paramedic who assured me it was okay that I called 911 to be seen, the cabbie who had to tell me what hospital I was at (which I forgot) and direct me to the main road, the store clerk who saw me wander in at 11 PM in some very floral pyjama bottoms and velcro trainers that didn't quite meet the bottoms, and so on. Not to mention my own thoughts through it all - why I lied to the EMTs about not being stessed out, how nice it was to have someone take care of me, etc. It has me missing my afternoons spent in pubs and biergartens as I peoplewatched.

I think I'm going to treat myself to "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" which Linda pointed me to and then try to get some sleep. Probably won't work as I've been napping all day and kept drifting in and out of sleep at the hospital. The important thing is I feel a good deal better than I did earlier.
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