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Sherlock, Day 06 – Free Day

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Today for the thirty days of Sherlock challenge it’s a free day. I’m invited to share whatever discusses my fancy. And lately, with me, it’s this scene.

Moriarty, for reasons too spoilerish to go into, has decided to steal the Crown Jewels. He’s also arranged things so he can do this, not just successfully but with the luxury to turn it into a true moment of art. The harriedness of the police trying to respond to the different crime scenes, the way they react differently with the coffee, compared to the absolute peace and even joy of Moriarty? Brilliant.

I’ll admit (and this may be a mark of heresy in this fandom), I never cared for Andrew Scott as moriarty. he seemed too small, too fickle, for the way his character was built up both in series one and in the original Doyle stories. But when I consider him more as the character he is rather than the one I want him to be, I can’t help but enjoy the show. And scenes like this in particular are so wonderfully, flamboyantly him. He just wants to see the world burn and will enjoy every second of it.

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