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evening plans

This week I've been fighting more than a touch of depression. Things that usually interest me just don't. But tonight, for the first time since the weekend, I actually felt like going out and doing something fun.

Of course, my luck being as it is, it's on the night that I really needed to pick up laundry, as it had been sitting on their shelf and also as I was about to need clean underwear. Also, The Fifth Estate comes out tomorrow and I'd be interested to see a flick on Astrange even if it didn't star Benedict Cumberbatch. So quiet night in it is. I suppose I could go out, but it's already lateish and I live four stories up. I did grab some end-of-day seafood (crab, mostly) and bok choy from the market on my block and gave it to my neighbor, who can do marvelous things with a skillet but doesn't like to cook for just one. I'll get a knock in an hour or so, hopefully with something scrumptious and unexpected.

I was going to curl up on the couch and start rereading the Hunger Games (latest TV spot has me thinking about that), but I also was just informed that John Watson's blog... is actually a thing. So I'm going to get out my Kindle fire, make myself a cup of tea, put on some Thelonius Monk, and cut the chains to my laptop for the rest of the night. Or try to. No guilt and no work until morning at a bare minimum.

(I do know I owe some people comment replies on my latest emo post and really want to do that. Just not tonight.)

I did have two moments of creativity today. Not sure how much sense they'll make generally. But in case you're interested:

1) Someone shared a link debunking some comments Ted Cruz made about the ACA. All I can see is one fine Moriarty impression. They're both so changeable.

2) A blogger acquaintance blogged about a roundtable she subjected herself to where John Piper and Douglas Wilson (two big-name evangelicals) talked about abortion, homosexuality, and race. So I gave her a little treat.

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