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Tough day today in many ways, so I'm going to post some Sherlock humor. This is mainly for my benefit so I can look at it later, but I thought others might enjoy it as well.

This is the man who played the man who left his riding crop in the mortuary.

This is his most specialist of friends (though, contrary to rumors, he does have more than one):

And, because Martin Bilbo Jawn is worth it, here's a few more:

And these are the men who introduced me, got me hooked, then left me hanging (may their names be forever cursed):

Their affect on my life, however, has nothing on those other crazed loons who take up entirely too much of my time these days.

Still, all that being said, this crazy messed-up fandom is worth it. They make me smile ...

... and giggle ...

... and smile some more ...

... and then maybe cry a bit over things that aren't so messy and personal, even if they're still very sad. (Reichenbach spoilers)

But mostly, they make me feel a little better on days that feel a little too long and draining because I can go through pictures like this. Which ain't nothing. (Nor is imagining Sherlock's head exploding at that last sentence.)
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