fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

If Moffat won't provide until "early 2014" *grits teeth*, I'm not sure that this cold-turkey thing is going to work until then. There must be some good, high-quality Sherlock fanfic. Not the silly otters and kidlock and all the rest, which is nice in its way, but I find myself wanting something more substantial.

Is anyone out there familiar enough with the fandom to point me in a good direction? Are there particular authors I should be looking into? Archives or competitions that recognize high-quality fanfic? Or does anyone reading this write Sherlock fanfic?

Because really, I could use something on the level of Reichenbach feels, something that will make my heart skip a beat, but preferably without the themes that are tailor-made to put my heart in a vice. Any suggestions?
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