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reason #1,437 to love Sherlock

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Walking home, I found myself turning certain details of Sherlock over in my mind. It’s amazing to me the things I miss at first. Or at second, or even third.

Today’s example: to prove how clever he was, he was literally willing to risk his life, even if the only person who would see it would be a cabbie who would (if Sherlock survive) have to die. But when he realized it wasn’t his life but John’s freedom on the line, he goes all mum.

Which is really just kind of awesome. Kind of more than awesome, but I’m trying to play it cool. (What is it about new fandoms?)

Also, as it’s international punctuation day, I don’t feel quite so bad about spamming you all with grammar-police!Sherlock.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be re-(re-re-re-)watching Study in Pink.

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