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many happy returns to two special hobbits

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To which I can only say:

By way of commemorating the day, have two clips. First, a bit from the BBC adaptation of Frodo’s and Sam’s passage through Mordor. This was my first exposure to Tolkien.

Second, here is JRRT himself reading from “Riddles in the Dark.”

Finally, by way of looking back, I thought I’d share some of my fannish stories involving Bilbo and Frodo:

The King Has Come Unto His Halls“: Bilbo and Gloin, in the aftermath of the Battle of The Five Armies. (Spoilers for end of The Hobbit)

A Hole Possessed“: A love-sonnet from Lobelia S.-B. to Bag End.

Heart of Stone“: about Frodo’s years in Buckland, between his parents’ deaths and coming to Bag End

Some Like It Hot:” In which Bilbo tries out a foreign spice on his Buckland relations.

A Conspiracy Forged“: Pippin’s experience of the Birthday. One of the first fic I ever wrote and it shows, but this story still has a tender place in my heart.

Mad Baggins”: A hobbit drinking-song about the Party, co-written with Tanaqui.

Mathoms“: Bilbo and Aragorn in Rivendell, after the Party.

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