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Could someone try to open the videos I’ve posted for me?

These are scenes from House M.D. episodes that I’ve put together for my class, mostly to go along with student presentations but also just as kind of an ice-breaker to start playing around with the concepts the class is built on. I personally think they’re interesting for anyone who likes thinking about academic concepts through pop culture, but I actually don’t need you to watch them all the way through. Just open up a few of them and tell me whether they actually start to play, or whether you get an error message about the video being unavailable due to copyright.

YouTube automatically flagged the videos as being copyrighted and I’m petitioning to have them available, since they have an educational purpose and are short. My understanding is they should be available on the YouTube site, though I’m not 100% sure. So I’d like someone other than myself to look at them and tell me if they play for you or not. Thanks!

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