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happy birthday (feast-day) to Soren Kierkegaard + Martin Freeman

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Apparently today is Martin Freeman’s birthday. He is not eleventy-one but forty-two: the answer to life the universe and everything. Which really screams for something Hitchhikers related, but as much as I love him, Arthur’s character there doesn’t really lend himself to clips.

So instead, here’s Martin Freeman with Andy Serkis. I particularly love the Gollum impression at 0:45.

And because Serkis and Freeman really are golden together:

Apparently it’s also Soren Kierkegaard’s feast day in the Episcopal church, which is really quite cool. I don’t know nearly as much Kierkegaard as I should, but I still get a thrill that a philosopher who’s not also a pillar of the church like Aquinas has his own feast day.

Here’s a political ad someone made a while back pushing for Kierkegaard for president. We could do worse.

And here‘s the Kant attack ad that started the whole trend. We need more such videos, I think. :-)

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