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The Tolkien fandom, and particularly the lovely ladies who run the Many Paths to Tread, are running a ticky-box awards program. I participated last year and it’s great fun. Nominations are open through Monday night, which gives you a long Sunday afternoon to sit down and think about your nominations.

The rules are pretty simple:

1. The story must be posted to Many Paths to Tread archive before August 3. Check out their handy-dandy search page which lets you see stories built around the same break-downs as the award categories, if you need help refreshing your memory.

2. Stories must not have won in 2012. Those results are listed here. The one exception is WIPs – they may compete again in a different category.

3. Stories must not have been nominated by someone else this year. See a list of this year’s nominations here.

4. You can’t nominate your own fiction or artwork.

And nominating is likewise pretty similar. Just comment on these posts with the story title, author, and link to MPTT. According to rule #4, you can also email the mods if you have trouble using LJ.

Like Dreamflower and the other admins, I believe in this award program and know how hard it is to put on an award program like this. I also think it’s feeling a definite niche in this fandom these days, and I’d love to see more stories nominated for it. Specifically, I’d love to see some more stories nominated for Favorite Story Set in The Silmarillion, Favorite Story Set During the Hobbit, Favorite Story Inspired by Other Books by Tolkien</a>, Favorite Recipe!fic, Favorite Characterization of Bilbo, Favorite Characterization of Sam, Favorite characterization of Thorin, Favorite characterization of a Dwarf of Thorin’s Company, Favorite characterization of a member of the Ainur
, Favorite Story featuring a Minor Canon Character, and Favorite Illustration of a story by an artist. These categories only have one nomination or none at all. So if your favorite story that fits there hasn’t been nominated yet, I’d especially appreciate it if you’d nominate it. You don’t have to be a site member to nominate – the story just has to be posted there.

I thought I’d come up with a list of my own stories that are (to my knowldge) eligible, along with their links. This is as much for the look back as for the nominations, though if anyone is so inclined to nominate them, I wouldn’t say no. :-) I hope you’ll also poke around MPTT and find other authors whose stories are you’d like to nominate, and I also hope other authors will put together their own list so I can find more stories to nominate.

1. Lords of the West (ft. Olwe + Fingolfin in Valinor during the Second Age)
2. When We Were Very Young (ft. Ar-Pharazon, Elendil, and Tar-Miriel)
3. The King Has Come Unto His Halls (ft. Bilbo and Gloin just after the Battle of the Five Armies)
4. The Days of Men (ft. Faramir + Aragorn at the latter’s coronation)
5. Dog Days (ft. Faramir + Arwen in Fourth-Age Ithilien)
6. Strangers in a Strange Land (ft. Boromir/Theodred just before the War)
7. Nor the Battle to the Strong (ft. Aragorn + Imrahil, just after Pelennor Fields)
8. Ea (ft. Sauron + Celebrimbor in Eregion)
9. Seductions (ft. Eol/Aredhel)
10. Vestiges (ft. OC Easterlings in First Age)
11. Fealty (ft. Maedhros + Fingon after the former’s captivity)
12. Girded (ft. Galadriel + Melian in Doriath)
13. All the Good You Can (ft. Caranthir in Beleriand)
14. Curse Us and Crush Us (ft. Gorlim, the companion who betrayed Beren’s company)
15. The Gift of Men (ft. Tar-Miriel during Akallabeth)
16. Perspective (Tuor, Pengolodh, + Elemmakil in Gondolin; mentions of Maeglin + Idril)
17. Oath-Bound (Maglor + Maedhros, post-Sirion)
18. Three for the Elven Lords II (ft. Cirdan)
19. Things Unseen (ft. Elendil + Pharazon)
20. Legacies (ft. Aragorn + Elladan)
21. Of Hearth and Home (ft. Aragorn + Halbarad)
22. The Kindness of Strangers (ft. Boromir on road to Rivendell)
23. Full Circle (ft. Aragorn/Arwen, Fourth Age)
24. Strange Fates (ft. Lothiriel in Fourth Age)
25. Dream a Little Dream (ft. Denethor/Finduilas)
26. A Question of History (ft. Pippin + Sam, Fourth Age)
27. Only a Woman (ft. OC children of Lothiriel + Eowyn)
28. Pelendur’s Folly (a Fourth Age evaluation of Denethor’s actions
29. Shoulder the Sky, My Lads (Boromir + Gimli in Rivendell)
30. Mathoms (Bilbo + Aragorn in Rivendell, pre-War)
For All Things a Time (ft. Sam/Rose in Fourth Age)
32. Reading Between the Lines (Elanor comes to understand Gollum’s role in the quest)
33. Tutelage (Manwe/Varda)
34. Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (ft. Imrahil + Sons in Fourth Age)

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