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grammar humor, Katniss art, and nigguns (oh, my!)

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First, this pic tottally cracked me up at FB:

So true! Second, Fileg posted a link to this artwork of Katniss:

My initial reaction:

The more I look at this the more I like it. Maybe my love of Greek Orthodox-style religious icons is showing here, but this could almost be a panel in a saint diptych, with the mockingjay being the halo thing (forget the technical term) that crowns her as someone worth paying attention to. But at the same time you have the district symbols laid out like a clock, with the spokes being arrows pointed toward her. She is very literally in danger of skewering herself, and it’s only her balance keeping her safe. Without giving too many spoiler details, that strikes me as hugely significant. And of course at the bottom the choice between anger at the Capitol and love of Prim, and the way the three-finger salute becomes almost wings for her, and…

I could go on. So much detail and meaning here. I’m not sure how much of it was intentional, but somehow the thought I am repainting this image in my own mind doesn’t strike me as a bad thing.

I’d now add that I love the bits of water lapping up against her (because: Finnick). And the flames crawling up her skin. And OMG is that a nuclear power symol?, and … you get the idea. I love this.

Finally, a little piece of beauty I discovered when Kaylee asked me what a niggun was:

Enjoy your Tuesay.

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