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Sorry this is a little late. I hope you enjoy these articles, funny pics and the like.

Things I’ve Read

1. A Hippie’s Defense of GMOs, by Saul Of-Hearts [Slate]

I think Monsanto is evil, that patenting seeds and suing farmers is unethical, and that some GMO crops (like Roundup Ready Soybeans) lend themselves to irresponsible herbicide and pesticide use and cross-contamination.

But I’m also not going to let my anti-corporate sentiments get in the way of a diverse and promising field of research.

When genetic engineering is used to decrease pesticide use, to add nutrients to crops in malnourished countries, and otherwise improve the quality of our food products, then it’s a valuable tool that can contribute to a safe and healthy food supply.


Things I’ve Said

Here on this blog:

1. a touch of frost [a section of a favorite poem]
2. on power, responsibility, and standing your ground [on the Zimmerman case and our notion of self-defense more generally]

Over at FB:

1. 26-July at 16:33

Over at Christianity Today, the Her.meneutics blog carried a post on modesty, using St. Paul’s statements about the person who eats meat, not doing it in front of the person who had decided the meat was unholy because it tempts him.

The obvious problem –other than the latent sexism in the piece– is I’m not a piece of meat. I can dress modestly for a lot of reasons (indeed, I typically do), but it can’t be because I am trying to shield my neighbors from lust. When I act on that basis, I assume that I am an object of lust, or at least so much a potential one that it’s not a risk worth taking. The fact that doing this helps the guy (or girl!) not look at me lustfully doesn’t change the fact that I am now treating myself as something that may be displayed or taken away, a thing rather than a she.

(This line of thinking is inherently offensive to men, too, I’d think, but that’s a topic for another day.)

2. 25-July at 17:14

I’m noticing a trend. Any picture, video, etc. that crosses Despicable Me minions with anything fannish, I am guaranteed to find hilarious. I don’t know why. But really, there’s no use fighting it…

3. 24-July at 21:41

I see German soldiers dancing through France
Played by chorus boys in very tight pants
And wait, there’s more – they win the war!
And the dances they do will be daring and new
Turn-turn-kick-turn, turn-turn-kick-turn
Keep it sassy, keep it classy, keep i gay!

From “Keep it Gay,” of “The Producers” fame.

This song is so *wrong*, even in 2013, and as much for the holocaust poking-fun as the flaming homosexuality. Why can’t I stop laughing? Because it’s still entirely too funny.

4. 22-July at 21:46

Oh, internet. Without you I would never learn of sites like :

“We will send your friend or enemy a healthy helping of some of the nastiest, stinkiest, fresh poop packages you have ever seen. We have several varieties of poop that we can send, including a special poop of the month. Go to the order page to see what’s on special this month. ”

Fair warning: this is a site built around the concept of sending animal feces to your enemies. The stock photography is pretty much what you should expect – not too bad, but hardly tea and crumpets material.

5. 22-July at 21:09

I must say, I was not overly impressed with “Closer” season 7. Too much character drama and not enough court cases speaking for themselves. Too many plot twists coming out of nowhere. And too big of a change from the Brenda I knew and loved. The cases just weren’t that interesting, and that’s why I love procedurals. It’s a bit frustrating, actually: I like watching shows with strong, thought-provoking plots with minimal characters, and shows that start out that way always want to go the other direction eventually.

I’m sure my shrink would have a field day with that statement, but it really is true.

6. 22-July at 16:39

Prevenient grace, justifying grace, and — and the third one? Let’s see… OK. So prevenient, and justifying, and the third Wesleyan aspect of grace — let’s see — I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.

(In response to this mere.)

7. 22-July at 08:51

I finally figured out why so many people are talking about Howrd Zinn lately: apparently Mitch Daniels (past GOP Indiana governor, current president of Purdue) got in a bit of a kerfuffle involving some emails he wrote to staffers while governor, saying he hoped Zinn’s book wasn’t used to train teachers and especially in public K-12 classrooms.

I’ve read Zinn’s “People’s History.” It’s a provocative text, to be sure, and I think more people should read it. But is it a textbook? Certainly not. Zinn makes no claim to provide an unbiased account of history, just-the-facts-ma’am, which is so essential to that kind of book. Of course one of his main points is there’s really no such thing, or at least that mainstream history was really only the winner’s version of events.

What’s unsettling about this story is how many university-level academics are okay with the claim that “it only involves K-12, so there’s no academic freedom issues of note. I’m not saying any book has a right to be purchased + taught in the public K-12 system, but if a school or teacher wants to teach it there may be contexts where that’s appropriate. Books like Zinn’s can enrich a curriculum if taught as theory rather uncontroversial fact – as can other interesting books from a wide range of ideological perspectives. It worries me when you say only kids in private schools or those who make it to university ought to be exposed to narratives that threaten the status quo. For one thing, it’s pretty damned privileged, when you consider the demographics of kids who make it to college, and for another it’s short-sighted: college-bound students shouldn’t go eighteen years before they’re exposed to accounts of history that make them think about whether they agree with them or not.


LOLs to Spread

Fannish Funnies (board)

1. Minions singing the “Misty Mountain” song

(Embedded video; watch at Pinterest)




(Hunger Games memeage with spoilers for Catching Fire trailer)

5. (Text clearer at Pinterest)


(Hobbit memeage with spoiler for Desolation of Smaug)

7. (text clearer at Pinterst)




Academic + Teacherly Funnies (board)

1. (text clearer at pinterst)




Political Funnies (board)

1. An actual GOP poster, once upon a time.

2. (text clearer at pinterest)


Religion-Based Funnies (board)



3. (text clearer at Pinterest)

Gender-Based Funnies (board)

1. Maxi-pad company takes down snarky internet commenter. Hilarious.

(embedded video at Pinterest)


Miscellaneous Funnies (board)





Somebody’s $1m Idea (board)




Groovitudes (board)</p>

NB: All links include automatic video which starts playing automatically.

1. One Day More, by Les Mis cast
2. Soul Searching by Soul Hooligan
3. Dancing in the Moonlight, by Toploader
4. The Billboard Song, by Doc + Merle Watson
5. We’re in Heaven, by DJ Sammy
6. I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor
7. Why Can’t We Be Friends, by Smashmouth
8. Two Step, by The Dave Matthews Band
9. Stayin’ Alive, by The Bee Gees
10. Last Dance, by Donna Summer
11. Le Freak, by Chic
12. Disco Inferno, by The Tramps
13. Mercy Mercy Me, by Marvin Gaye
14. Save Tonight, by Eagle-Eye Cherry
15. No Scrubs, by TLC
16. Trip Around the Sun, by Jimmy Buffett + Martina McBride
17. Dancing in the Moonlight, by Toploader


Cuteness (board)



3. A penguin being tickled by a human. You’re welcome.

(embedded video at Pinterest)

4. A baby elephant’s first experience of the Sea.

(Embedded video at Pinterest)


Deep Thoughts (board)



Nothing New to Share

1. Because I’m a Closet Foodie

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