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it’s your birthday, it’s your stinking birthday… gee you’re really old

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“Happy Birthday” in Latin? Weird that Steven Colbert got my name wrong, but I do appreciate the thought. This is so delightfully Martaish – how could it be for anyone else?

Also, to show that old fergy-dergies can still have fun:

My sincere thanks to everyone who has said happy birthday here and at FaceBook and by email cards and even a few printed cards. My dentist even wished me a sugar-free birthday (a joke). And on a birthday gift card, I went to see Pacific Rim tonight. It’s actually pretty awesome if you like Godzilla and that whole genre of monster movies. You guys really do rock. Fifty-odd greetings at FB(!!), and at LJ some really nice, in-depth comments about me. It meant an awful lot, guys.

And now, onward.

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