fidesquaerens (marta_bee) wrote,

PJ, just... no

(Spoilers for the new Hobbit movie under the cut.)

According to roughly half the posts on my Pinterest feed, Evangeline Lily has hinted there will be a love story between her and Legolas.

Peter, my friend, bubbeleh... no. Just step away from, slowly but resolutely. Because there are very few things that could keep the hardcore Lord of the Rings fans from buying tickets to movie #3, but putting this nonsense into movie #2 just might be it. Seriously. Seriously.

Are you trying to turn Tauriel into a literal Mary Sue? Original character, has to be restrained from great heroic acts of adventure by the king himself, now she's in love with Legolas?!? Next thing you'll be telling us, her family was eaten by wargs while she was out learning birdsongs with Radagast. Did she have to die her naturally magenta locks so the other wood-elves would accept her.

Also: red hair? Oh, I get it, she's Maedhros's long-lost daughter and will reunite all the Elven kindreds so the good guys can have victory at the Battle of the Five Armies. That would at least match with your epification of Thorin's quest.


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