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new ThinkChristian piece on homeschooling

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The website graciously let me write a post on a recent Iowa law affecting homeschoolers. Currently, Iowa law lets parents homeschool their kids but requires the kids to be evaluated each year to make sure they’re making good academic progress. The new law doesn’t require any laws of the sort.

My basic point here is that Christians (or anyone, but giving the context this is addressed specifically to Christians) have a special responsibility to watch out for our neighbors. They should be supportive of laws like the old Iowa law because it’s minimally intrusive but does a good job of catching parents who abuse their kids or simply who aren’t as diligent in educating them as they should be. I understand the feeling that a parent is responsible for their kids’ welfare – but I also know that sometimes the parent falls down, either through abuse or just by being overwhelmed or not as diligent as they should be. Kids have a right to, among other things, a decent education, and I wish more states were ready to ensure homeschooled children actually got one.

Incidentally, Libby Anne over at Love Joy Feminism has also written quite a bit on this case. I’d heard of it through a friend in Des Moines before I read about it on her blog, but Libby Anne’s posts definitely helped kindle my interest in the case. Some of the more interesting ones:

Homeschool Mom: Iowa’s Laws Helped My Children and Me [guest post]
<ahref="">Iowa Just Repealed All of Its Homeschool Requirements</a>

Please do feel free to join the conversation, ideally at TC but I’d welcome comments here as well.

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